RANS was joined by James Rhodes, a lawyer with Taxation Lawyers. In this webinar, James Rhodes discusses the differences between controlled tips and direct tips and how each impacts restaurants when it comes to insurable earnings. A lot of very helpful information on this topic and much needed for the restaurant sector.

RANS was joined by Leanne Bartlett with Labour, Skills and Immigration, as well as, Hariana Brooks with Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada. Core topics included information on the the Atlantic Immigration Program, upcoming recruitment events, and the Foreign Workers Program.

The content of the webinar revolves around the introduction of the “SCRIPT/STRUCTURE" tool that has been used with clients in the hospitality industry.

A team from NS Digital Services reviewed the benefits of using the VaxCheckNS app, including how to download and use the app, and answer questions/hear feedback on user experiences.

The Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia hosted a virtual webinar with Gallagher Benefit Services (Canada) Group Inc.