There are lots of ways to get involved with RANS.

Members can participate in our events or join one of the RANS committees. You must be a current member of RANS to sit on a committee.

Education & HR Committee 

    The mandate of the Education and Human Resource Committee is to identify shortages or shortcomings in the labour market, through primary and secondary research. Once identified, the committee will work on initiatives to address those gaps through education programming and collaboration with local institutions and government. 

    Finance Committee 

    The mandate of the Finance committee is to review RANS financial procedures and recommend additional sources of revenue to ensure it can maintain operations and continue to provide value and resources to members. 


    Government Affairs Committee 

    The mandate of the Government Affairs Committee is to respond to any changes in regulations or policies that affect the restaurant sector. This includes advocating with local governments as well as ensuring that information is passed on to restaurants in a clear and concise manner. See our Initiatives and Accomplishments page for how RANS continues to advocate for the industry.


    Membership Committee 

    The mandate of the Membership Committee is to recruit and retain RANS members. Reviewing member benefits and identifying ways to bring more value. This includes planning and executing Restaurant Awards and the Golf Tournament. 


    Savour Festival Committee 

    The Festival Committee organizes the Savour Festival events. This includes marketing, managing exhibitors and vendors, ticket sales, and organizing and running the events the day of the event. The events include: Craft Beer Cottage Party, Savour Food & Wine Show, Imbibe Cocktail Event, and Rare & Fine Wine Tasting.

    Looking for Committee members for:

    •  Education & HR Committee
    • Government Affairs Committee
    • Membership Committee

    For more info on how to get involved, email Natasha.